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the Weazul's Journal of Blahdom

as she has no life

Sable Kageitachi (Silve)
27 September
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well, I'm known by several names, among them Silve, Weazul, Betsy, Silvernyte, Sable, Khozeda Kat, and Rhu. I'm a nutcase who loves reading, writing, the internet, anime, and filk music.

anywho, I've been a member of the Gryphon's Guild since it was still on ITW... that's about the only group I've in any semblence kept up with for a period of about half a decade or so =0p the insanity level is addicting.

I'm an anime nut striving for the largest private anime collection in town, at the very least, and I think I'm getting there... next step... converting my town into a town of pagan otakus... BUWAHAHAHA (just joking about the pagan part, lol!)

I'm a member of the Otherkin/Therian community... buwah... anywho... most of my otherkin Aspects are pastlives... so I'll give a rundown of my primary Aspects...

Silvernyte - the first I remembered fully. that life I was a wolf, Beta rank, just under the Alpha Pair in rank. coulda been an Alpha myself if I took the chance to start my own Pack...

Mirashi - second I remembered. I was a Rissti this time, a golden caracal-like feline with a mane of hair on its neck, the ability to walk upright, and the size of a Kodiak grizzly. born ans raised a Guardian.

Stymphalia - the currently re-awakening Aspect. bad life, this time round. I was a Fierave, kinda like a giant Stymphalian Bird from Greek myth. metal feathers, bad attitude towards other species... and I saw the last of my kind killed off... not nice memories...

Weazul - not a pastlife aspect, but a strong one none the less. this developed as I tried to connect more strongly with my Totem (Weasel) and has manifested in several forms, from my chat character of Comadreja to the kamaitachi chara who I first used in an RPG and named Katsue Itachiyama, and the persona who goes with my new usename, Sable Kageitachi

Iialala - purely human pastlife. also called Iialla. noble-born 'witch' with healing/nature powers that caused her family to set her out at an old castle near the sea. fell in love with a Roan (seal-man), but after it was found out by the others he was a Roan he was forced to leave and never return. after that she never spoke much. she's the one with the big romantic streak -_-;

#gryphonguild, +anima, .hack//sign, air supply, andre norton, angel sanctuary, anime, armitage 3, armitage iii, ascot, ayashi no ceres, bishonen, black cat, books, card captor sakura, cardcaptor sakura, chaos, charles de lint, chobits, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, clamp, coffee, cryptozoology, dnangel, dragon knights, escaflowne, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy writing, felines, ferrets, fibromyalgia, filk, fms, folk rock, folklore, fruits basket, fushigi yugi, fushigi yuugi, gargoyles, gensomaden saiyuki, gryphon guild, gryphon's guild, gryphons, hakkai, hatsuharu, heather alexander, hellsing, hidaka ken, houshin engi, inu yasha, inu-yasha, inuyasha, j-pop, julia ecklar, kamaitachi, ken hidaka, kiba, knight hunters, leslie fish, lisanne norman, magic knight rayearth, manga, matantei loki ragnarok, mercedes lackey, mineko ohkami, mononoke hime, mythical detective loki, mythics, mythology, otakus, otherkin, paganism, paranormal, pet shop of horrors, pocky, poetry, polymorph, rayearth, rg veda, saiyuki, scanlations, shaman king, shamanism, shapeshifters, shapeshifting, shinesman, shirahime syo, sholan alliance, shonen ai, shonen jump, shonen-ai, sidhe, slayers, sorcerer hunters, suikoden, tayledras, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tests, the slayers, therianthropy, tokyo babylon, totem animals, tricksters, ushio & tora, valdemar, vampire game, violinist of hameln, vision of escaflowne, voltron, weasels, weiss kreuz, weiss kreuz gluhen, werewolves, whose line, wicca, wolf's rain, wolfies, wolfs rain, wolves, writing, x/1999, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yu yu hakusho