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just posted here so I can point peeps to descriptions of myself...

currently in use/newer charas:

Sable Kageitachi

Kageitachi is a giant weaseldemon (giant as in, somewhere around the size of a puma or jaguar). she's sort of a combination of a kamaitachi (a weasel-like wind yokai) and a raiju (a weasel-like lightning yokai).

her base color is a very dark brown, her eyes are chocolately colored. she has large forepaws with prominent claws. she has dark blue markings and shoulder tufts (best marking example).

due to her lightning-yokai half she tends to spark when angry or annoyed, due to her wind-yokai half she can fly even tho she lacks wings.

when really angry, or in battle mode, Kage partially transforms. her eyes gain a reddish tone, her claws become daggerlike, her shoulder tufts and sometimes her tail as well transform into blades.

hair; blue-black
hairstyle; pulled back into low poneytail, ends between shoulder blades, slight wave, w/ eartails
eyes; dark chocolate
build; slender
skin; lightly tanned
in non-modern settings - deep brown sleeveless vest-type top, stitched up at the sides, deep blue leggings, balck boots reaching halfway up the calf, fingerless black gloves with deep blue gems that reach midway up her forearms
in modern settings - she's dressed in a black v-neck shirt just short of being tight, so as its not restricting or easy for someone to grab hold of, old jeans with slight holes starting on the knees, again, not so tight as to be restricting and not so loose as to make them easy to grab hold of in a fight. she wears black ankle boots. sometimes wears an unbuttoned flannel shirt over. and is often seen wearing orange-tinted sunglasses.

Kage, now in gryphonic form!!!!

Kage's avian side in her gryphonic form is blue jay. she has a blue jay beak, wings, and tail (altho she has her normal weasel tail as well below the blue jay tail), but otherwise looks much the same.

Mugetsu Ookamiza

(moonless night - the star Lupus)
Mugetsu is a black dire wolf. her fur is thick and shaggy-looking. her eyes are a pale blue-grey.

Kougetsu Saetayoru

(Bright white moon - crisp cold night)
Kougetsu is a pure white dire wolf. his fur is thick but lacks the shaggy quality Mugetsu has. his eyes are pure black thru the pupil, iris, and the part that is normally white.

Shinjuiro Kouen

name: Shinjuiro Kouen (pearl grey - incense smoke)

species: sin you

example pics of species: here and here

gender: male

personality: vain, judgemental, just, proud, aloof, potentially violent

main color; smokey gray
scaled areas; underside, front of legs, flanks, top of tail
scaled area color; pearly light grey
areas with long fur; mane on neck taipering out to mid back, chin, elbows to hoof, ankles to hoof, underside of tail, tailtip
long fur color; dark smokey grey, firey orange highlights on the last couple inches of the fur on chin fur, underside of neck fur, just above the hooves, and tailtip
horn, boney area on the top of the head from the base of the horn to the nose, and hooves; slightly darker color than scales
the rest has short fur of a medium smokey grey
eyes: yellow-orange
horn curves out back then forward
has fangs

Older charas:

Silvernyte Rhuka

Silvernyte is a wolf of slender build. her fur is silvery, lighter on the underside. her shoulder fur and tail fur is quite thick. her eyes are yellow-amber in color and have catlike slit pupils. her foreclaws are retractable.

same in general, but thinner, ribs show slightly. fur has a slightly ragged quality, especially on shoulder area and tail. has scars across her muzzle, under her right eye, her right flank, and left shoulder.


Height: 5' 9"
Hair: Purple, straight, to shoulder blades (actually its colorless, but she dyes it purple)
Eyes: Red
Clothing: black tank top, black pants, black leather jacket, black boots.
Body: slender, flat chested (she's avian, she dun need boobs!)
Special features: two metallic feathers on each side of the top of her head (can hide them w/ illusion)

a crested cranelike bird with metallic feathers and red eyes. Silvery w/ coppery undertones.
Eyes: red
Height: 125 inches (10'6')
Body: slender, still not quite adult-sleek
Feathers: Silvery w/ coppery undertones

RPG Charas:


gender; female
hair; deep brown, slightly reddish
eyes; yellowy green-brown
build; slender
skin tone; dusky, almost Native American tone
height; 5'5"
age-seeming; 21
5'5", slender, Native American-ish skin tone, small silver hoop on left ear.
wears blue jeans, holes in both knees and fading around seams, white tank
top, blue denim jacket (with spots worn white and fading around the seams
like the jeans, red-brown boots going just past her ankles. her
reddish-brown hair has crimpy waves and hangs past her shoulder blades and is
held in a low pony tail that starts at the bottom of her neck.

reddish-brown fur, with some grey as well. yellow-green eyes, bushy gray
tail tipped with reddish-brown, small silver hoop on left ear


(sometimes appears elven)
Height: 5'8"
eyes; red
hair; crystal-like hair, bound into a low ponytail in the back. Reaches mid back when bound with a low poney tail starting at the lowest neck vertebra, slight wave
skin; pale
body; slender yet strong
black, form-fitting pants; light charcoal tank top; elegant black boots; fingerless black gloves; silver chain arround neck and silver hoop on right ear

(same species as Stymph)
Eyes: red
Height: 96 inches (8')
Markings/Jewelry: gold crest ; silver chain around neck
Body: slender
Feathers: Platinum with gold tones

and from now on... I shall leave this journal alone for good, in favor of my new one, silvernyte
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