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since I don't wanna clutter my new journal with this

since I know you watch this lj... I'll just inform you here.

alaniaunicorn, gingerwolf, flamefreezewolf, goldcrest, silvercrest, bronzecrest, snoopy0864, or whatever else you feel like calling yourself, I know it's all you. yup, I figured out snoopy0864 was you. what I told you in there was a mix of truth, what you expected to hear, my actual feelings, and a warning. if you have a shred of intelligence you can easily detect which was which.

since I played along this time I won't contact my lawyer, but next time, if you even say one thing specifically to me, I will contact my lawyer and take this to court. I do want you out of my life. doing that whole "oh, I'm not me, I'm someone else!" thing doesn't work. you still sound too much like yourself to fool anyone. so let it drop, leave me alone, leave my friends alone. get a life. and learn that your actions have consequences that you must face, and crying out that those consequences are unfair or playing the victim only makes things worse.


and now... back to inactivity on this old account of mine.

EDIT 3-21:
I'm being nice. I'm guessing you didn't see this yet and that's why you IMed me with your new alias. one more time, and regardless of if you see this or don't I'm contacting my lawyer.

and don't play innocent, you've admitted to people it was you.

Just. Leave. Me. Alone.
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