Sable Kageitachi (Silve) (weazul) wrote,
Sable Kageitachi (Silve)

putting this here since I wanna share this with some non-LJers

kageitachi:: dude... I was running over some cosplay ideas for next year's JAFAX in my head and thought of maybe cosplaying Rukia from Bleach... then I realized I have too much of a chest to pull off cosplaying her >.<
kageitachi:: dang huge chest of DOOM >.<
#Lilac:: ...Silve's boobs killed the chat.
kageitachi:: they smothered it XD
Ember333:: Boobs of doom.
#Lilac:: xD
Ember333:: XD
kageitachi: they shall smother the chat with their ginormousness!!!!
kageitachi: *smother*smother*smother*
Dinogrrl: :D
Dinogrrl: XD
#Lilac: Oh teh noes.
Ember333: Nooo! *runs from Kage's boobs*
Dinogrrl: boob wars!
kageitachi: wait... the boobs of DOOM shall take over the Guild!!!!!
#Lilac: xD
#Lilac: Death by boobs. x.X
kageitachi: *watches them discuss their plans of Guild domination*
kageitachi: it's like that movie Idle Hands... only it's boobs!!!
#Lilac: >.<
Jenna Muse: Idle hands linger at the genitals, and you know how much God hates that.
kageitachi: (perhaps I should mention I had about 4 cups of coffee AND a red bull today...)
#Lilac: This conversation disturbes me. >.<
Ember333: :P
kageitachi: *whistles innocently*

Alizara Twisted Horn: BOOBS
Alizara Twisted Horn: I have boobs of doom
Alizara Twisted Horn: They're lethal weapons
#Lilac: >.>
Ember333: *blinks at Zara*
Dinogrrl: brrrt
Ember333: Zara's boobs of doom must protect us from Kage's...
Alizara Twisted Horn: My bosoms know Boob-fu!
#Lilac: xD
Ember333: XD
Alizara Twisted Horn: Hi-yah! *knocks Eleziek over with her bosom*
Eleziek: *resists laughing*
Eleziek: OMGNO
Eleziek: *knocked over onto kage*
Eleziek: there is an advertisement for cheating online casinos
kageitachi: *falls over*
Dinogrrl: :O
Dinogrrl: BOOB WARS!
kageitachi: Zara... my boobs challenge your boobs at boob-fu!!!!
kageitachi: (why am I getting a mental image of badly animated bouncy anime boobs of DOOM?)
#Lilac: ...
#Lilac: XD
Eleziek: Maybe i should go back to bed...
kageitachi: *badoing*badoing*badoing* XP
Alizara Twisted Horn: I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!
Eleziek: *stays to watch the boob wars*
Eleziek: omgno *bangsquish bangsquish*
Alizara Twisted Horn: *badly overdone pose with flashy background swirly lightning animation things*
Ember333: *videotapes as poorly-written anime-porn*
kageitachi: *boob-boings in such away Naga from the Slayers OVAs would be jelous*
#Lilac: x.X
Sparhawk YMBAW: ....
Eleziek: *bangsquish bangsquish*
Sparhawk YMBAW: *helps Ele by providing him with a set of his own*
Eleziek: ...
kageitachi: "boobachu! I choose you!"
kageitachi: *dies of embarassment having actually typed that*
Eleziek: *bangbangbang*
Dinogrrl: :}
Sparhawk YMBAW: *grin*
Sparhawk YMBAW: with much better graphics.
kageitachi: coffee? where!
Eleziek: aye
Eleziek: *supplies spar with coffee, a funnel, and a feeding tube*
(#Lilac left)
(Dinogrrl left)
(Dinogrrl joined)
(#Cosmo left)
Eleziek: we scared them away!
Sparhawk YMBAW: ... *doesn't like coffee much*
Eleziek: *points to Kage*
kageitachi: *does the scary boob-boing again*
Eleziek: omg theres something on bob and tom for this
Eleziek: maybe they have it on there site
Sparhawk YMBAW: *hands the coffee supplies to KAge*
kageitachi: wheeee!!! *attempts to OD on coffee*
Eleziek: i OD on coffee everytime i do an all-night gaming spree
Dinogrrl: :}
Sparhawk YMBAW: just don't OD on boobs. That would be bad.
Dinogrrl: >D
Alizara Twisted Horn: hah. One of my nicknames in high school was 'Boingy Boingy"
Ember333: XD
kageitachi: if you OD on boobs would you experience death by boobs?
Alizara Twisted Horn: Oooh. Death by Boobs! What a thing to go on a death certificate
Eleziek: *runs to find his bob and tom CD's*
Eleziek: I got it!
kageitachi: definately a memorable way to die...
Eleziek: i dont think theres a place where you can host music for free...
Alizara Twisted Horn: You may host it on my ample bosom
Eleziek: @_0
Dinogrrl: XD
Ember333: XDD
kageitachi: XP
Eleziek: Anyone that wants to hear it ill have to send through email
Eleziek: Tis titled, Shirtless Girl
Eleziek: not chat safe
Sparhawk YMBAW: MegaBimbo uses BareBoobBlasts.
Eleziek: just an audio from Bob and Tom, comedy radio show
Alizara Twisted Horn: XDXDXD
Dinogrrl: XD
Eleziek: just an audio from Bob and Tom, comedy radio show
Alizara Twisted Horn: XDXDXD
Dinogrrl: XD
Eleziek: Hmm...Adam Sandler Sings i ran over the taco bell dog...
Eleziek: you are not a match for Shirtless Girl!
Sparhawk YMBAW: *prints t-shirts praising the Zara Boobs*
kageitachi: hail to super boobs... but fear the BOOBACHU!!!!!
Ember333: *hails and fears accordingly* :D
Alizara Twisted Horn: And beware my NIPPLES OF DOOM!
Eleziek: *iwillnotmakethatasprite,iwillnotmakethatasprite*
Dinogrrl: OH NOES
Sparhawk YMBAW: *t-shirt with nipples on them*
Alizara Twisted Horn: Actually, the nipples of doom are kind of sore tonight. I think my bra's too tight /random
kageitachi: "booba booba?" *dies*
Ember333: *odd mental image of laser-beam-shooting doomnipples*
Eleziek: okay whoever wants to hear Shirtless girl send me their e-mail }:>~
Alizara Twisted Horn: Oh, man. I may have to draw that
Sparhawk YMBAW: dragonboobs...
Ember333: The deadliest kind of boob.
Sparhawk YMBAW: "White dragons have an icy breast weapon."
Ember333: XDXD
kageitachi: what kind of breast weapon would weazuls have? XP
kageitachi: I'm thinking something wind based...
Ember333: Hurricane breast bullets...
Eleziek: the cat just made copies of its tail....
kageitachi: *is reminded of a quote in her file... "< Erik> The wind is like a knife here. I think I lost a nipple."*
Ember333: >P
Eleziek: How can a cat work a copier...
#Stormphyre: D: how does someone talk on the phone constantly for the majority of the day?
kageitachi: cats are strange beasts...
Eleziek: Hurricane breast bullets?...
kageitachi: hey, works for me XP
Ember333: Yes. :D
Ember333: Maybe they have an inordinate amount to say, Twix.
(#Chakotay D gryphon joined)
Ember333: Hiya Chako.
kageitachi: welcome to the insanity and boobatude!
#Chakotay D gryphon: *drags self in and sighs* Hello.
Eleziek: Ello Chakotay now i warn you to turn back and leave
Eleziek: for this is now the chat of boobachus and corny anime fighting
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