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I've had ENOUGH!!!

skyedancer, alaniaunicorn;

by continuing to post anonymously in my livejournal even tho your usernames are banned and anonymous posts screened and IPs are logged you have made yourself fair game. you are use to this little weazul being soft and fluffy, but you have pushed the issue to the point that this little weazul is ready to prove she has fangs. if this sounds a bit barbed, its meant to, my more polite attempts at ending this little game you insist on playing haven't worked.

I told you politely and gave examples on why I dissolved our friendship, and you had no clue. I said it more bluntly, you took offense. you have called repeatedly, IMed me repeatedly, causing me to ban your screenname, and cussed at me in chat when I was ignoring you. the only thing I did was politely warn you in that chat there was a no cussing rule and you could get in trouble for that. then you leave a post in my livejournal telling me to leave you alone. thus my tactics are changing, as your inane stupidity is starting to get on my nerves.

first off, I'd like to ask why you insist on bothering me in this way? the fact that you are telling me to leave you alone when I have gone to such lengths to make it clear I want you to leave me alone only makes you look stupider. can you really not get that the fact I have banned your livejournal usernames means "leave me alone"?

secondly, if you think I hate you, let me make this clear. I don't hate you. you're not worth hating, its a waste of my energy and time to hate you. get over yourselves. your actions only amuse and sometimes annoy me slightly. the only reasons I unscreen and reply to your comments in my livejournal are I have nothing to hide - which you seem to have, seeing as you never unscreened my response to you're accusations that my comment about your actions being dangerously close to stalking was false - and I take a perverse pleasure in messing with people who insist on acting stupidly enough they ask for it.

thirdly, I have proved your statements about not bothering me in forever and never having cussed at me false. can you now prove that my saying I have never caused any unfounded grief to you is false? can you give one incident where anything I said about you is a lie? if you cannot, please get the hell out of my life and drop this doltish insanity you insist in continuing!
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December 21 2003, 15:41:34 UTC 13 years ago

Thats not right and you know it. Please get the HELL out of my life and if at all I would like my Voltaire Cds back if at all possible then after that I don't care if you drop dead. Skye hasn't bothered you at all.
perhaps in your twisted perception of reality it isn't right, but in actual reality, it is. I see you can't provide one scrap of proof what I said was wrong. furthermore, I only ever borrowed ONE of your bootlegged Voltaire CDs and I left it at your place the last time I was over. its not my fault if you lost it.

as for Skye not bothering me, point a, you're a married couple, what one owns, the other owns as well. this includes responsibilities for actions taken by the other party in the marriage as well. point b, you told me yourself before I blocked your AIM screen name that HE was the one who told you to call me a "gutless whore." I think that counts as bothering me.
Oh right, get the hell out of your life? Which one are you, the one who wanted to 'mess with a certain someone at starcon' (gee that looks like bothering weaz to me) or the one who *LAUGH* 'called in the dark swords' (looks like another aspect of bothering weaz.)

At least she doesn't pretend to call some imaginary excuse for 'magic'. *giggle* Really, lay off the god wishfulness. It doesn't make you special, just stupid.


December 23 2003, 16:18:47 UTC 13 years ago

whats a matter? get too exposed so now you gotta turn the table's?
if thats the case how would you know she posted something like this if not you peering into her journal?
dont fuck with silve, i am giving you this warning and my final
Leave her alone
stay the HELL out of HER life, and she will stay out of yours
thanks drew =0p
Was that directed at me? Or the anonymous moron above?


December 23 2003, 16:24:57 UTC 13 years ago

for the record,
a>you wont find her new journal so knock it off and stop looking
b>if you could care less about her, why do you still bother her call her, and look for her new journal
Same Q. Directed at me, or the moron? Cause you kinda hit the reply under my post. :P


December 24 2003, 11:35:46 UTC 13 years ago

wow, arnt we smart
i said leave silve alone and its not directed at you?
*looks around*
who else here? the fucking walls?
and im a moron...huh if that makes me a moron, you must be sittng next to george dubya bush
drew, that ain't one of the two. they're banned from posting in my lj under their accounts so have to post anonymously.
Err... my first post was directed at the two morons who keep bothering Weaz. I'm a friend of hers :P


December 25 2003, 19:42:22 UTC 13 years ago

you are so hot...
i thnk im falling in love with you
um, thanx?


December 26 2003, 11:23:17 UTC 13 years ago

slve makes an ass outta me :(


December 31 2003, 13:48:35 UTC 13 years ago

Happy New year ex-bestfriend.
if you want me to leave you alone why do you keep leaving me messages?
Watch out for the dark blades! *Gives weaz a silver sheild of smite +5*
Don't worry, they haven't reached elemental grand master yet, and they don't have the ring of inteligence +3 so you're safe.



January 1 2004, 11:39:17 UTC 13 years ago

i know where you live
and i am going to beat you up
WaTcH out Leia and James


January 14 2004, 14:33:34 UTC 13 years ago

We know where you live too so watch out.
that wasn't me, y'know. that was drew/meyow from the Guild (an IRC regular).

man, I thought any idiot could tell the difference between his typing style and mine...
Wow making threats now? hey Weaz, maybe I should come visit you. I always love to see a coward back down in purrson. >:)
You people really need to get lives of your own and stop bothering her and other people. Its over. Get over it. Quit harrassing her and others. You really creep people out.